How Beauty Brands are Using Technology to Drive Inclusivity

Rita Batalha
5 min readAug 31, 2023

Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: Brands are bridging the gap between personalisation and inclusivity

During my time in Portugal, I spent quality time with my niece, who is very passionate about makeup and all things beauty. We created lasting memories filled with laughter and creativity.

Our makeup sessions became a canvas for self-expression but also offered an interesting experience to reflect on the growing trend of beauty tech and the brand’s ambitious initiatives to enhance inclusivity and personalisation.

Photo: Myself and my niece :)

Let’s talk about beauty tech and inclusivity!

Although it’s a growing field, beauty tech is still relatively new, and for many consumers, it may be most closely associated with virtual try-ons.

In my perspective, the term is used as an umbrella for all technological and innovative tools and solutions, often encompassing AI and AR, with the aim of redefining beauty routines, product formulations, and customer experiences. From AI-driven skincare consultations to 3D-printed cosmetics, the synergy between technology and beauty has created a new level of personalisation and accessibility.

The worldwide market for beauty tech-driven purchases is estimated to have generated a revenue of approximately 3.77 billion U.S



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